Electrodeionization systems (EDI)


EDI is a technology which combines ion exchange resins selective membranes and direct current to remove water ionized species. The bases of ion exchange EDI systems continuously regenerated, so that not disappear in the same way that the ion exchange bases which are operated in batch mode ..


  • Dissolved ions removal, 5-17 MΩ-cm, TOC <20 ppb.
  • No chemical is required for regeneration
  • Removes only a limited number of charged particles; can not produce water less than 18,2 MΩ-cm / type 1
  • Normally requires water treated by reverse osmosis
  • Water hardness can not exceed 1

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Ion Exchange Systems


The bases of ion exchange resins efficiently removed from water ionized species exchanging them for H + and OH-. Deionization resins are cationic or anionic exchange hydrogen ions and cations (sodium, calcium and aluminum) or hydroxyl ions by anions (chloride, nitrate and sulfate). Principal use softeners, Removesción Heavy Metals, Ultra Pure Water ...


  • Dissolved ions removal, up to 18,2 MΩ-cm, TOC < 1ppb
  • Regenerated by desalination using acid and base ...
  • Doesn`t kill bacteria, organics, particles or pyrogens effectively
  • Finite capacity once they have occupied all locations for ions, the ions are no longer remain over
  • One use resins require good water pretreated to used them efficiently and economically

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