We design and build on demand, a wide range of standard systems and equipment for industrial filtration processes adapted to all types of drinking water treatment, waste or processes.

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Filtration of suspended solids


Each filter medium or system may involve different processes, so it is important to select the appropriate filter for each application. Depending on the type of water, suspended solids, oil and grease, COD / BOD, etc ... and sand filters are sized differently and with different filter media (sand, anthracite, reducing turbidity, etc ...)



Acidity removal


Filter beds made ​​for removing CO2 and neutralization. The control of dissolved oxygen in boiler feed water is an extremely important process, since in this way prevent boiler corrosion.



Activated Carbon Filtration


The carbon filters exhaust the organic chemical oxygen demand (COD), absorbable halogen (AOX), pesticides, solvents, organic compounds and other toxic substances lower the highest standards at national or European level are mainly used. The operating system is the same as that of sand filters, performing retention (adsorption) of contaminants by passing the water through a filter bed composed of activated carbon



Iron and Manganese removal


Iron removal plants may be based on different types of filter media depending on the concentrations of iron and manganese, the oxygen, CO2 and water hardness. For a maximum of 5 ppm of Fe and 1 ppm Mn, a single filter medium consisting of manganese oxide is necessary. No need to regenerate permangato. For effective work requires that the water is aerated with a pH of 6,8:8.



Arsenic and Heavy Metals Phosphates removal


Treatment plants with granular ferric hydroxide by adsorption / filtration. It passes a flow of raw water through a filter, which is coated with the adsorbent compounds, metal hydroxides. These in turn, are also indicated a filter medium for removing phosphates and other heavy metals (Copper, Selenium, Antimony, Cromatos ...) and dissolved organic matter. No chemicals required for regeneration. )



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